A real family affair 26 Nov 2019

As well as being a specialist retailer of tea and tea sets, the very heart of August Moon Tea is the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremonies on offer to introduce you to all things tea.

Long before the shop and the business were born, Mum and Daughter duo, had a love of traditional tea ceremonies, inviting friends and family to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of sitting down to tea. It’s a love they’ve fostered all their lives and an important part of the friendships they’ve built.

Now, Estelle, with support and input from her family, has embarked on establishing a business which builds on this passion for tea. Originally, she started the business in Nottingham in 2016, before moving to Gloucester to be with her partner and reopening the business in Montpellier – lucky us.

What’s clear is that Estelle and the team know everything there is to know about tea, and that here the tea on offer is anything but bog-standard. Everything that the business sells and uses is from small, independent growers in China, each of which they have a personal relationship with, resulting in single estate brews that make their tea such a stunning product.

Everything about this tea and the experience is exquisite. Estelle’s obvious passion shines through and the quality of both the tea and the tea set is delightful. Surrounded by all this tea, Estelle must have a favourite, right? It appears not as according to Estelle, there are so many teas left to try, and so many fabulous options, why limit yourself to one when you can pick based on your mood or the weather or the time of year? Delightful. If really pushed, Estelle will tell you that she prefers white teas which have a more subtle flavour and offer a light warming feeling, particularly Lapsang Souchon at the moment which offers a very Christmassy and smoky flavour.


What is clear from our visit to August Moon Tea is that this business is a real family affair. Tea, hand-selected by Mum at the plantations, and lovingly used and shared by daughter Estelle here in Cheltenham. It builds on the family heritage too, with teas and growers selected from the nearby mountains and valleys of this family’s home, drawing on the cultural experience of tea in China. Everything you need to know about tea is here – the history of tea, the art of tea and the philosophy of tea all blend to create the ultimate guide to tea making with the ultimate passionate people.

Believe it or not, Estelle has been performing tea ceremonies for more than a decade, yet to many the traditionalist, she is still considered an amateur in the lifelong exploration of tea. You’d never know it though and her unwavering attention to detail and obvious passion are all you need to make the most of your own ceremony. It’s obvious that Estelle knows and understands how to treat the leaves, helping to get the best out of each and every cup of tea.


We encourage everyone to pop in and see Estelle for a cup or three and experience this fantastic family business for yourself!