An Interview with Angeline Bakery Cafe 5 Nov 2019

We caught up with Angeline Fuller, owner of the Angeline Bakery Cafe in Montpellier Courtyard to talk sweet treats and flavour combinations.

Tell us about Angeline Bakery?

Being Coeliac and type 1 Diabetic, I find it quite difficult to find somewhere to eat with my family that caters to everyone’s specific needs and I wanted to create a place where people can come and enjoy good food together without being restricted to a dietary requirement.

I specialise in serving a number of gluten-free products (although not exclusively) and have a range of hand-made gluten free cakes and bakes that are prepared off site to keep them free of cross contamination.

All of my other goodies are baked here in the café using family recipes including our scones, cakes, biscuits and we even bake the ham we put in our sandwiches and salads.

We are also really big on looking after the environment so we try to use as many local suppliers as possible and have even switched as much of our packaging as possible to a compostable version too.

What are your favourite sweet treats for Autumn?

I really love Autumn fruits and mixing up the flavours from the harvest. I love the sweet tastes of apple pies and pumpkin pies this time of year. We also really love the sweet and savoury combination of our seasonal curried potato and apple soup that we serve here too.

What are your greatest achievements?

My two sons are what make me the proudest. On a personal level I have just beaten cancer and in 2018 I walked 1 million and half steps to raise money for Diabetes UK.

What is your history/heritage?

My mother was a pastry chef and I’d love it when she’d take me into work on snow days; I really found it fascinating to watch her cooking. When I left school, however, I decided that I wanted to become a Lawyer rather than work in the food industry and so completed all of my training in this field before later retraining as a Credit Manager. During all this time I always still loved to bake, so set up my own little handmade iced biscuit company and started providing intricately designed biscuits for businesses including big brands like Fossil and Johnson & Johnson.

Illness saw me go back into accounting (I developed Coeliac disease) but as soon as I did, I knew I just had to go back to food. I did my research and found this spot in Montpellier Courtyard and just knew it was meant to be.

My husband and I took inspiration from our love of all things French to decorate our bakery café and I’m back to doing what I love in a welcoming and homely environment!

What’s your favourite thing about Montpellier Courtyard?

My favourite thing about Montpellier Courtyard is the people. The people are amazing and always pull together when needed. It’s a real little community.

What are your favourite flavour combinations?

I love sweet and salty combinations so anything from the potato and apple soup that we are currently serving to salted caramel flavours and the like.

What trends do you think will be popular in 2020?

I definitely think that veganism is still going to increase in 2020 and we’ll see a rise in people going for plant-based alternatives.  I think good old-fashioned British home cooking will also see a renaissance.

There’s a lot going on at the moment in terms of reducing carbon footprints so I think that allotments and buying local may also become a popular choice.

How has 2019 been for Angeline Bakery?

This year has been an absolute rollercoaster year for us, from personal experiences to opening a business! We’re excited to see what is next in store.