Gorgeous Fall Hair Colours For Autumn 2 Oct 2019

It’s time to switch up your hair and transform into the warm, cosy tones of fall.

Courtyard based hair salon, Beau Amis are offering a free hair consultation and chat with their professional hair stylists throughout the month of October to help give you exactly that.

We’ve seen plenty of different hair trends over the years, from glossy pastel tones to short fringe bob locks, but the one thing we can always be sure of is after a summer full of sunshine and fun, it’s the perfect time for a change. Whether you’re a blonde, brunette, redhead; natural or dyed (we won’t tell a soul!) we’ll get those heads turning again.

Here’s all the inspiration you need for the new you this fall season.

BRB — just speed dialling Beau Amis…

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