We’re all tea-potty for August Moon 19 Nov 2019

Walking past this glorious little independent shop in Montpellier Courtyard, you’d be forgiven for overlooking the exceptional experience that awaits you inside.

From the outside, it looks like a traditional tea shop, but step through those doors to be met with something that’s more than a little bit special!

August Moon Tea based on the upper walkway of Montpellier Courtyard in Cheltenham is everything that the future of retail should be! As well as the fabulous selection of teas you’d expect, you can easily lose yourself for an hour or two inspecting every size, shape and design of dinky traditional Chinese tea sets which adorn every nook and cranny! That’s not even the best bit though, as owner Estelle greets you at the door and welcomes you to a traditional tea ceremony the Chinese way.

Being avid British tea drinkers, we thought we knew a lot about tea, but this ceremony taught us otherwise. It turns out our traditional British brew that’s strong and often milky, does little or no justice to the tradition that is tea in China. There, we’ve said it, we’ve been drinking tea our whole lives and it looks like we’ve been getting it seriously wrong! There’s too much to describe without spoiling it for you and it’s definitely a ‘try it to believe it’ experience, but there’s undeniably a few changes we’re making to our own tea habits. First up we need to change our brewing! No longer are we steeping the tea for minutes as it takes on a deep brown hue; now we’ll be opting for the gentle blanch of the leaves and the light, pale, translucent brown that this brings. Second, it’s all milk free; no more the bitter, stringent bite that needs salving with some milk, our new technique is brewing us a delightful drink you can enjoy without the white stuff. Finally we’re slurping; yes slurping. While many will flinch at the idea of a noisy slurp from the cup, it turns out that just like wine, tea tastes better, smoother and intensely more flavoured with a good ol’ slurp! We’ve never had a better cup!


Few words are worthy of the experience we enjoyed at August Moon Tea and we encourage avid and occasional drinkers alike to pop in for brew. You won’t regret it and even better you can buy an experience for a friend or relative as a fantastic Christmas present too!