Edible Art Patisserie

Monday – CLOSED | Tuesday – 8.30am - 6pm | Wednesday – 8.30am - 6pm | Thursday – 8.30am - 6pm | Friday – 8.30am - 6pm | Saturday – 8.30am - 6pm | Sunday – 10am - 4pm | Visit Website

Edible Art Patisserie is the flagship store from top UK pastry chef Damien Wager, serving a selection of beautifully-crafted pastries and dreamy desserts, including tarts, macarons and petit gateaux.

You can pre-book for a dining experience or enjoy a takeaway of your gastronomic faves. 

Damien is largely self-taught, but has risen to the top of the UK Pastry Chef rankings thanks to his stylish designs and fantastic flavours. He started Edible Art Patisserie in December 2017, before launching his debut book in October 2019.